What is a rejuvenation system?


A rejuvenation system is a treatment only for the hands that is meant to restore youth.

We aim to go beyond the limits of a mere spa,

studying your body to find "healthy beauty" and using our body of medical knowledge to bring about a substantial effect.

Having our doubts about today's spas and their emphasis on superficial beauty,

we thought about what true beauty is and how one might reach their most beautiful self,

and we came to only one conclusion: natural beauty.

A healthy, youthful body that radiates energy from deep inside, supple and strong.

Isn't that kind of body, one possessed with radiant energy that wells up from inside, that is the true ideal of beauty?

That is, to create, using the power of your own cells,

a young, fresh, pliant skin that doesn't need to be covered with makeup and have your every single move radiant overwhelming energy.

That natural beauty that is simply within you is what we consider ideal beauty.

We bring your body as close to that ideal as we can with a hands-only procedure.

We aim to turn the clock back as much as we can in a salon. This is the concept behind our rejuvenation system.



Step 1. Counseling


Everyone's body is basically the same. However, due to lifestyle and individual variation,

there are differences here and there between all of us.

We do counseling to understand the state of your body and decide on a course of treatment.

Unlike spas that focus on physical beauty, during our rejuvenation process we take steps to understand the state of your body.

Since we aim to care for the inside of the body, addressing issues like body temperature, habits,

blockage of lymph nodes, and the influence of the workplace and daily life,

we conduct a very thorough counseling process.

If it is necessary, we will also touch your body and examine simultaneously.

During counseling, in order to proceed to our next step, perspiration, we will also have you drink Rejuvenation Water.

This will ensure the procedure goes off without a hitch.


Step 2. Perspiration


We will induce perspiration using our "fatless mattress" (a germanium heating mat). A healthy person should sweat about 300cc-500cc in 40 minutes. During the perspiration session, since it is possible to collect the sweat using a paraffin sheet, we will also use the amount and color of sweat as a yardstick to measure the state of your body. The purpose of perspiration is, first of all, detox, and secondly, to warm up your body for the rest of the procedure. The rejuvenation procedure begins from the detox achieved in the lymph drainage process. For that process, good blood flow is essential. Perspiration in the "fatless mattress" is key to heating up the body, making the procedure easier.



Step 3. Lymphatic system


The lymphatic system is the system of the body that is made up of the lymph vessels and lymph nodes inside the body. People who don't regularly exercise their lymphatic systems appropriately have a tendency toward blockages. The process of caring for a patient through the clearing of these blockages of the lymphatic system is lymph drainage. The next step is detox, but detox will not go well unless lymph drainage is done properly. It's safe to say that lymph drainage is an important step.


Step 4. Detox


Using "fatless gel," we will begin the detox. When the gel is applied, it penetrates the skin almost instantly. The gel, having penetrated the skin, will suck up waste products, then, through a massage, will be disposed through the sebaceous glands. Before use, the gel is clear, but after sucking up waste products from under the skin, it will turn white.



Step 5. Rejument


Rejument is a holistic treatment for mucles and bones.

Rejument will be performed only on those customers for whom it is deemed necessary,

as judged by the state of their bodies.

Almost all women who have given birth have a widened pelvis.

This can lead to bow-leggedness, knock-knees, improper spine curvature, or poor posture.

For these customers, we will perform rejument.



Step 6. Knowledge sharing


The most is important step is knowledge sharing.

While it is a matter of course for patients who are experiencing problems, even customers who are not will go through the knowledge sharing process.

Everyday habits, diet, lifestyle, and other factors may only have a small effect on the body each day,

but they are daily habits that can add up to have an unmistakably large impact on the body overall.

It is incredibly important to correct these habits.

We often see, for instance, that many people who come into salons with bent frames have unusual gaits,

or that people will come in who have gained weight due to their eating fruits and yogurt everyday under the impression that they are healthy.

Knowledge is power.


However, many businesses, in the pursuit of profit, , del

berately use messages that obfuscate the facts, producing a “report” that is no such thing.

It is imprtant to know for yourself what you are choosing and what services are performed.




Rejuvenation procedures – before and after


Before After


Don't take our word for it – take a look at these before and after pictures showing results that can't be seen merely by taking measurements,
like this from-behind shot.
With just one procedure, as you can see in the picture, the customer's love handles are gone,
her waist and chubby thighs have slimmed down, and,
as the lymph from her groin has flowed to her gluteus maximus and medius, her butt has become tighter.



The distorted figure has been drawn in,
her internal organs have returned to their proper positions,
and the flabbiness of the entire body has been eliminated.
You can also see that cellulite around the back is gone.


Price list

Main menu –per visit per customer


Rejuvenation experience HK$2,280
Torso HK$4,100
Below the waist HK$4,100
Face-shrinking facial HK$4,100
Germanium bed HK$730
Rejuvenation water (1 bottle) HK$180
Scalp detox HK$3,000



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