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The latest version of light hair removal system ''I2PL''
has been first introduced to Hong Kong now

The latest version of light hair removal system ''I2PL'' has been brought into Hong Kong for the first time. As compared with Laser and IPL, I2PL is not only more superior in terms of safety and effect, but it elicits the least pain and burden on the skin. Since this system can accommodate setting to the individual's skin quality, color and the level of sunburn, the effect is also more remarkable. If you want to free yourself from the hassle of treating unwanted hair and are wondering what to do, or you do not find much effect in your present treatment, you must try this new system.

We have both Japanese and Hong Kong consultants to provide the most professional service to you. Treatment on armpits takes 3 minutes only. In consideration of the hair cycle, treatments are to be carried out at an interval of 2-3 months. So you can complete the treatment easily even if you are busy. Why not start from our free consultation and trial treatment first? (Appointment only)




The differences between ''I2PL'' system and other hair removal methods


  Pain Skin
Duration Price Effect
''I2PL'' Sysetm Feeling warm Nil One shot
(80-100 hairs)
per 18/1000 sec.
Reasonable and clearly marked price Noticeable result after the first treatment
Electrical Needle Pain from needle and heat Depends on one's skill One hair per 15 sec. Can be very expensive The hair becomes thinner and less obvious as the no. of treatment increases
Laser (for medical use)

Pain from being thrust

Due to the presence of risk, it is restricted to medical use only 3-4 hairs per 20/1000sec. High price per each part The hair becomes thinner and less obvious as the no. of treatment increases



Hair Removal Q & A


Q1. Is it fine for people whose hair is dark and dense to do the permanent hair removal treatment?

A1. Yes, there would be remarkable result even for people with dark and dense hair.


Q2. Is it painful?

A2. Our hair removal system operates at very high speed at 18/1000sec. Some of our customers do not feel any pain while others said there is some warm feeling. Please feel it yourself at the trial treatment.


Q3. Prices vary greatly across different shops and I don't know how to choose.

A3. Basically, price difference is due to the different kinds of machine used. If the price is low and the result is not good, it would only be a waste of money. Since trial treatment is now available in most shops, you can try and see the result first if you are doubtful. Our consultation and trial treatment are free.


Q4. I have done hair removal treatment in other shop but do not have any effect.

A4. Our ''Elipse Light'' system can accommodate setting to the individual's skin and hair conditions through the control of computer. So the effect is superior and no skin damage would be made.


Q5. Can I do the treatment on the same day as the consultation and trial treatment?

A5. Yes. We will examine your skin condition after the trial treatment. After that you can start the treatment immediately.


Q6. How long does it take to do each treatment?

A6. It depends on the size of the treatment area. Armpit treatment takes 3 minutes only and lower legs 30 minutes. It is a very fast hair removal treatment even for busy people.


Q7. Will there be any extra charge afterwards in addition to the initial quotation?

A7. There is absolutely no extra charge. We would not charge any membership fee nor urge our customers to buy skin care products.


Q8. Do I have to pay all amount at one time?

A8. You can pay by cash or credit card (Visa/Master) at a total of 3 installments.


Q9. I am worried if the skin would be burnt.

A9. The hair removal system ''Elipse Light'' we have introduced into Hong Kong is developed in Europe as a kind of medical appliance for curing hirsutism (excess hair). So there is no doubt on its safety and the effect is also confirmed as positive. Besides, ''Elipse Lighth'' is computerized and can accommodate setting to the individual's skin and hair conditions.


Q10. My skin is weak and I am worried about the skin care after treatment.

A10. We would apply moisture cream on the treatment area for customers after hand and leg treatments. Please keep your skin moist when you go home.


Q11. Can I remove the unwanted hair by myself during the period between each treatment?

A11. You can use electrical lady shaver to shave the hair. Since some hair removal appliances will have negative effect on the melanin, please do not pluck the hair by those appliances.


Q12.Does age affect the permanent hair removal treatment result? Can young people at their 10s' do the treatment?

A12. Young people at their 10s' can also do the treatment. However, if you are too young, the number of treatment you need may increase due to active excretion of growth hormone.






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